Return Policy

exchanges We want to insure the best experience for all of our buyers. Your business is important to us, and we always try our very best to meet your highest expectations.

From time to time there may be issues related to your purchase. We have put together this simple guide to help you resolve any matters in a mutually beneficial way with us.

Our store can initiate an exchange for specific products including bumpers guards, side steps/running boards, and other products. These products cannot be branded as WeatherTech, Kurt, Keystone, GoRhino or other. Please inquire with one of our store managers about the changeability of the product.

Broadfeet branded products are exempt from the rule above, and we are able to exchange these parts within the warranty period.

To qualify for a free exchange (including new installation) you must have your original purchase receipt. Without this document you will need to pay for extra parts and installation where needed.

You can get an exchange within 15 days of your purchase, and not beyond that time frame.

We currently do not issue refunds of your payment on your purchase either in full or partial.