About Us

We’re Ideas First Automotive and provide various installation services.

With locations in Woodside, New York and around the entire New York City area.

Our first store was opened in 2011 on Queens Boulevard, in Queens New York. Situated among other automotive related businesses on that stretch of the boulevard, it was quickly established as the go-to store for auto accessories.

Since then we’ve helped tens of thousands of customers enhance their rides with exterior and interior accessories, car care, performance tuning, electronics installation, and security systems among other products and services.

In 2016, we were able to open a second location in New Hyde Park, New York. And our original location got it’s own building directly across the Boulevard.

Our founders are automotive experts with decades of combined experience. Our technicians are licensed mechanics with deep knowledge of any product or service we offer. Our customer service reps as well, have many years of experience and can help our customers effortlessly.

A snapshot of our New Hyde Park location

A picture of our new location